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◘ Resource Hacker

Des: Using This gr8 software, you can easily modify any software/program. So, it's the best way to unlock/Crack trial Softwares or the softwares that requires Serial Key or something like that.

        Download this Software and become master of Cracking.. Njoy..!!!!


◘ Replacer.exe

Des: This Simple DOS Program enables you to Replace the Locked files.

                Here, "Locked files" means those file that are not accessible(means which can't be deleted, modified, renamed, etc.)

Nothing Special to learn, how this software works. Just Execute the "Replaer.cmd" file and follow the Instructions.


Google Hacks 1.6 Setup (Must Download)

Des: Directly get Access to all type of Files(or searches). 

                  How do you Make Searches on Google, I think you too just type the desired search string into Google Search bar and search for it. This is 100% Wrong. You Need to Learn A great about "how to make perfect searches on google".

But dont worry About that. Now here is the Software Just to make this Tasks "Sooo Easy..."


◘ emailTrackerPro 2009

Dec: Trace Anybody's Email On the Real Map Location


◘ DMS v.1.0

Dec: Data Manupulation System V.1.0 (Contact: 09463349819 for password)




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