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Get access to any computer while chatting with owner

I am not gonna tell you all but can give you an idea how its possible.

Login at Y msngr.
Start chatting with the person whose computer you wanna hack provided he should be online, (find a way to made him/her to start chatting wid you).
Once you have started your chat, you are just few steps away from getting access to his/her Pc.
Lets see how?
The communication between you and the person you want to hack, takes place indirectly via Yahoo server and not directly. It is not possible to hack Yahoo messenger directly to get the IP address. So to hack his IP, you must establish a direct communication with him. So ,how to do this? It’s easy. Just start chatting with some one via Yahoo messenger. During the process of chatting send him a big file. Now the file transfer takes place directly between your computer and the slave’s computer(via yahoo messenger application). So now, you are ready to go. Here’s the step-by-step process to hack Yahoo messenger and get the IP address of the person .
Here Type “netstat -n” (without quotes).

[Image: netstat.png]

The pic given below shows netstat results of my computer. I was not chatting when i took this pic and hence it looks modified.
Here local address is your own IP and the foreign address is the IP address of the recipient with whom you are connected via yahoo messenger (There may be multiple recipients and hence multiple foreign addresses).
Now send him the file.
Check the output by typing the command “netstat -n” (without quotes).
Assume the output is something like this.
Here is the IP address of the person with whom you are chatting and 1246 is the port number where connection is established. That’s It! You have now hacked Yahoo messenger to get his IP address.
Once you hack Yahoo messenger and get his IP address you can use any of the Remote Administration tools or perform NETBIOS HACKING.
I told you, "m not gonna do it all"
Let me know the results.