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Change a .exe into a .JPG

Can you change a .exe into a .JPG and have the JPG picture file
execute ur desired rat/virus/keylogger. The common answer is No,
but here You will find out how you can have it as .JPG (extention) and still
run perfectly. YES it works!
REQUIREMENTS: In ur folder where ur .exe is located,
click tools > folder options > view > UNTICK
"Hide extensions for known file types".
[Image: file-extension-02.gif]


No programs needed to change the icon below you'll find out why.

1. Rename ur RAT.exe to PIC.jpg, click yes when it says
it might damage the file. Best to have a pic
already binded to ur RAT.exe

2. Right click and drag ur newly named PIC.jpg
to a space IN the same folder, and choose
"Create Shortcuts here"

3. Right click that shortcut, and go Properties.

4. In TARGET field, replace whatever is in there to


%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c PIC.jpg

5. Replace Start In field with



6. Click OK and look in the folder where these files are located.

7. You will find that the Shortcut will now have the icon of a cmd.
Right click the shortcut and Properties again.

8. Click change icon, and put this in the field -






then choose the jpg icon.
[Image: shimgvwdll.jpg]
If you're going for .txt disguise, %SystemRoot%\notepad.exe would work.

This is so that when this shortcut is sent to another computer,
it will still show this icon. No icon changer works because it will
try to change cmd.exe icon which is in ur system32 folder.

9. Next go Layout tab, and in window position,
change the value to 9999, and 9999 for left and top.
for stealth - this is so that the cmd window will not
be visible to the slave.

10. Now ur done. Rename ur Shortcut of PIC.jpg to anything,
preferably something that starts with the alphabet earlier
than ur "Original RAT in disguise" PIC.jpg, so that ur slave
will click the shortcut first which will run the command to execute ur rat.

also PIC.jpg is merely an example. change the name to
whatever u want, just remember to change the target part %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c PIC.jpg too.